Big Head Battery is a male contestant in Holy Hell Jesus Christ and was the winner for season 1. He was in team BigFreshBonBon with Freshvyo and Bon Bon.

He was the last person to qualify for HHJC. He won the first challenge and chose the teams.

Apperance Edit

BHB is a Battery with a big head containing all his knowledge. He does not have any wrapper around him making him grey everywhere. He contains acid inside so if you cut him acid will most likely acid will come out which will burn you.

Personality Edit

BHB is can get annoyed easily but has a light side sometimes. He is very smart and intelligent which lead him to the final. In his finale challenge he had a straight face for most of the time.

Gameplay Edit

BHB did very well in most challenges. After his first challenge he got lazy overtime and tried to be more funny. Bob-crust (host) started placing him lower. BHB realised then started doing challenges to the best of his abilty which lead him to victory. BHB planned to use tokens but ended up not using any. BHB won alot of challenges his final one being the best using the Gravity Falls Theme song.

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